1808719569_ef297c5451_oThe eyes really are one of the most important body parts. Eyes can help convey emotions as well as allow people to see the world. One’s eyes can also help someone show off their sense of style and fashion. People can choose to change their eyes in various ways. Some people will add a layer of eye liner underneath their eyes to help them look darker. Another person may want to wear mascara to help their lashes look longer and fuller and thus help draw attention to a brightly colored iris or the fact that their eyes are large and expressive.

One of the ways that people choose to make changes to their eyes is with the use of items such as corrective lenses. Corrective lenses can take many forms. Some people will need to wear classes in order to help overcome a problem with their eyesight such as astigmatism or an inability to see objects from far way. Glassed are widely used and available in many places. Another way that people may choose to make changes to their eyes is with the use of contact lenses. Contact lenses are small plastic lenses that the user applies directly to the surface of the eye.

6241020467_f128716344_oContact lenses generally come in one of two types. Clear plastic lenses and lenses with some color to them. Clear plastic contact lenses are generally used only to correct a person’s vision. Many people choose to wear them because they can provide a person with better vision than can be gained with the use of glasses. Contact lenses are also lighter than glasses and often easier to wear. A pair of contact lenses can be worn each day and then discarded. Many people find this arrangement is far superior to standard glasses that can pinch and not provide vision that is as good as that offered by contact lenses.

Another kind of lens that people can choose to wear are colored contacts. Colored contacts are, as the name implies, contacts with color in them. The kind of color used can vary. Some contacts are designed to help turn a person’s eyes from one standard eye color to another. This kind of contact typically is offered in standard eye colors such as brown, grey, green and blue. A person can wear them them transform his eyes from a plain blue to a startling shade of dark brown.